During my time as Facilities Supervisor at The New Zealand Broadcasting School I completed some special projects for commercial and internal clients. This 360 experience of the Screen and Television course is a "fly on the wall" experience that was used to help prospective students understand what it was like to be involved in a student led studio production. 

I was responsible for the upkeep of 3 television studios, 14 post production suites and the camera department.
I actively worked with and provided advisory services to productions and companies in the industry sector such as The 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, Crankworx, Audi Quattro Winter Games, MTV and Linkedin Events. I planned and led formal technical instruction and practical tutorials in webcast, camera operation and drone flight as well as assessed
student and tutor competency.

I created and managed a highly effective asset management booking service system at the school to automate equipment usage and tracking. I was also responsible for technical and maintenance operational budgets as well as researching and purchasing new generations of equipment.


● Developed a drone (UAV) training program covering basic
safety which is currently being approved as an accredited

● Researched and deployed a custom digital equipment
booking system that gives students independence and
confidence and maximizes equipment use.

● Secured profitable external production contracts for the
school such as Tedx Christchurch.

● Delivered an interactive presentation to teachers at the
NAME conference about integrating webcast into teaching
and learning.

● Represented the tertiary sector at the New Zealand UAV
Forum and worked with local council to make it easier for
students to fly drones in Christchurch.

● Delivered research to students and staff in the following
areas: Virtual Reality, High Dynamic Range and Ultra HD,
Archiving for the future, The Sense Of Realness,
Webcasting and the Internet, IP based Broadcast