Video: Behind The Scenes of the Beat Portrait and a live demo.

As the only Touchdesigner user in New Zealand, I thought I'd create something to show people what is possible with this amazing software.

The Beat Portrait is an audio visual installation designed to fit in with a traditional art exhibition but with added interaction. Initially, the viewers see a screen in a frame on an art easel with a mans face and beautiful pictures of New Zealand mountains. There is a 12 button midi drum pad that they can approach on a podium and when they touch the pads, sounds are triggered with visuals that erupt from the man's face on the screen. 4 pads trigger loops of bass, lead, vocal and a metronome. The other 8 trigger drum sounds and samples. 

Visual effects are designed primarily in After Effects and illustrated in Adobe Illustrator, while dynamic and 3D visuals are rendered via Touchdesigner. Each user will create a unique viewing experience based on the beat machine math.

This project can be adapted for commercial use but is currently for entertainment purposes. Please contact me for more information.

Roles: Producer, Touchdesigner, Animator, Composition


Photography - Ryan McCauley
Illustration - Ethan Attewell
Podium design - Bruce Spedding